Uyuni Salt Flats

After a night exploring the town of Uyuni during Carnivale which led us to many interesting findings, including Toy Story Woody-themed costume parties, it was an early wake up call the next morning to head out to the salt flats in time for sunrise. Our driver drove for about a half hour and then seemingly randomly turned a hard left into what appeared at first glance to be a desolate, bleach-white desert. However, the hard salt ground was covered with an inch or so of water, leaving a perspective of sky-and-earth as one.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Our photo sesh was followed by breakfast at the salt hotel, made entirely out of, you guessed it, salt (the hotel, not the breakfast). A cool concept in general, I agree, but in reality the salt hotel was a bit dirty and rundown. And this coming from a girl who has spent the past 2.5 months staying in $15-or-less a night hostels.

(That’s our driver, Orlando, awkwardly off to the right. Needless to say, he was a bit on the shy side)

Then, after our bellies were full, it was off to the drier part of the flats for a few fun shots.

(This one’s for you, Mom and Dad)

Next stop… despite State department warnings of potential kidnappings, Cusco!
(Don’t worry, we survived and have already made it to Nazca, past Cusco!) Machu Picchu pics coming up…

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