The Job Situation

I had a good question come to me recently from an old high school friend who’s been following our travels.

The question was: I’d love to hear more about leaving your jobs – are your (former?) employers letting you come back to your job? Or are you looking for something new?

(Thanks M.C. for the question and the nice message!)

Well, the job thing is definitely the number 1 consideration when planning a trip like this.

Here’s the short answer: We quit our jobs.

Here’s the long answer:

Z had been working at his job since college (7+ years). He was working in sales in the logistics industry (C.H. Robinson Worldwide) and doing very well, but he was ready for a change and to move up in the field. It was a good breaking point. Rather than jumping right into searching for a new job, it worked out well for him to leave his old job and put off the job search until after we returned from the trip. So now he’s back and starting to look for management/supervisory-type positions in the logistics industry.

I was working as a residential real estate broker. As a Realtor, we’re actually independent contractors, so I technically did not need to “quit”. I just had to stop taking on new clients and transition pending transactions/past clients to a colleague of mine who would finish everything up and handle any new business that popped up. I found a colleague who meshed well with how I ran business and overall my clients really liked working with her, so it was a really great fit and I was lucky to have someone I trusted back home to handle everything. Now that we’re back, I technically still have my real estate license “hung” with my brokerage (Coldwell Banker) and could help people buy or sell real estate today if I wanted. My original intention was to jump right back into the business when we returned. But as time passed on our trip, I had a change of sentiment and decided I wanted to look for something in the more analytic/financial side of real estate, working on bigger and more complex projects, possibly even in commercial real estate. So, instead of coming right back to be a Realtor, I have also started sending my resume out for job positions available with real estate investment, management, or services companies, or private equity firms that focus on real estate ventures.

So. That’s how it was done work-wise. A bit risky, of course; we certainly don’t know how long we could be looking for work. But no matter what direction this goes, I will absolutely never regret taking the trip and leaving behind what had to be left in order to do it.

And if any of you know of any companies looking to fill positions like those mentioned above, drop me a line! Thanks!

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