All Walks of Life

On a trip like the one we just returned from, you’re bound to meet loads of interesting people from all different backgrounds.

The first “Travel Friend” we made happened to be a Brazilian guy named Tiago who spoke only Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, we hung out the whole week and he showed us all […]

Welcome to the Jungle

We landed Tuesday in a city called Manaus. It’s a fairly large city (almost 2 million people) that grew so big in such a remote region of the world because of their rubber export boom in the late 19th century. Remote is an understatement. There is unimpeded tropical rainforest for over 1,000 miles in every […]

Bags Are Packed, Ready To Go

Holy long 4 days of packing.

Check out this page to see our full packing list.

Or enjoy a look at Z in the midst of an intense packing session:


Counting Down

Oh. My. GOSH!!!!

I Love This Quote

“Often I feel I go to some distant region of the world to be reminded of who I really am. There is no mystery about why this should be so. Stripped of your ordinary surroundings, your friends, your daily routines, your refrigerator full of your food, your closet full of your clothes — with all […]

Reality Check Hill

24:51. That was the time it took me to run the 3 mile course that years ago I would have blown through in an easy 19 minutes. It must have been the hills; I swear they’ve gotten bigger since high school.

I had to be back in my hometown today for a baby shower and […]

Four Goals

I was thinking the other day about what I want to get out of this trip. What about this trip excites me, why have I always wanted to do something like this, and what are my goals for 6 months abroad? Well, here you go:

1) Step away.

I think every American should step away […]

Scrubbing Day

Just bought this. Thought it might come in handy as an all-in-one soap for travelling. Mom’s idea. Supposedly you can use it to wash your body, hair, clothes, toothbrushing (not sure I’ll have the stomach for this use), for general cleaning, and many other things.

OK, now as I wrote that last sentence I decided […]

Updated To Do’s

Sell car Book first flight (Salvador, Brazil, here we come!) Get visa for Brazil Register trip with the Department of State Forward mail Uupdate homeowner’s insurance policy to reflect the condo being rented Get all prescriptions, etc. ahead of time Get travel vaccines Line up travel/health insurance Get life insurance Get income tax stuff […]

No Money Mo Problems

So, now I’m trying to figure out how we’re going to handle the money situation.

Most credit and debit cards charge a 3% foreign transaction fee, so when abroad for 6 months that can really add up.

I can honestly say I’ve probably spent 4-5 hours over the course of the last few days […]