And this is what happens when you kick a sea urchin.


Railay Beach, Thailand

In every sense Railay seems an island (specifically the fact that it’s only accesible by boat), but in fact, it is just a penninsula on the West coast in the Andaman Sea. The area is completely secluded from the mainland by limestone cliffs. Over millennia, the friction of the tides have seperated a good bunch […]

Mixed Feelings on Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

Made famous by the late 90’s movie The Beach, it made worldwide news again in 2004 after the devastating tsunami hit its bays and obliterated most of the island.

Since then, the island has rebuilt and has a rejeuvenated tourism industry.

The unique landscape of the island makes it one […]

Lions and Tigers and Elephants, oh my

As you may have seen a few weeks back we were in Chang Mai, Thailand and took a couple days after their New Years festival to check out some of the ‘wilder’ animals that populate SE Asia. I wanted to elaborate because of how awesome of an experience it was.

First, we started at Baan […]

Chiang Mai Unfiltered

So here’s what else we’ve been up to since the Songkran festival:

In other news, we decided to skip Myanmar for now and head right down to Malaysia. Myanmar is going to be expensive because there are no land border crossings, so you have to […]


Songkran, AKA Thai New Year’s, AKA Water Festival, AKA the best thing that could happen to the inner child in me.

We headed toward Chiang Mai, Thailand for their New Year’s festival, hearing that it was also some sort of water festival, thinking it would be similar to Carnivale in Bolivia where kids run around […]

Around the World in 180 Days?

So Z and I played a little game the other day. We were trying to decide what places we would ideally like to visit on our trip and we decided to make lists and compare what our top spots would be.

So we each made a list of the top 20 countries (outside of North […]