All Walks of Life

On a trip like the one we just returned from, you’re bound to meet loads of interesting people from all different backgrounds.

The first “Travel Friend” we made happened to be a Brazilian guy named Tiago who spoke only Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, we hung out the whole week and he showed us all […]

Think My History Book Was Missing a Chapter

Following our Angkor temple experience, we travelled to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. It was a bustling city built along a portion of the mighty Mekong river. Pagodas and presidential wats lined the streets, nestled amongst countless food carts selling everything from the day’s catch to fried insects and arachnids. At a glance it […]

Funny Story

So we’re walking around downtown Siem Reap and decide to get a massage. After our 2nd full day of exploring the Angkor Wat temples, it’s not a hard sell. Considering the heat/humidity, the 8+ hours of climbing centuries-old ruins, as well as the amazing prices ($4 per hour); it was a no-brainer. So we enter […]

Battle of the Ruins

After our trip to the Angkor Temples, after having been in Peru last month, some people have asked us which was better – Angkor or Machu Picchu? It’s not an easy answer and definitely depends on the person, so I’ll put the two head-to-head in a faceoff of ancient ruins.

-The Sacred Valley of […]

A Brief Guide to the Angkor Temples

Siem Reap, a bustling, bright, touristey city not far from the Thai/Cambodian border was our stop after reuniting in Bangkok. We spent three days exploring the Angkor Temples, renting a tuk-tuk driver (Mr. Sarak) for each of the three days to take us around from one temple to the next. Our itinerary, for those who […]


Back together again! More info to come on our explorations of the Angkor temples in Cambodia, but to start, I’ll leave you with your daily dose of cheesiness: