A Kindle Thank You

We are cursed with electronics on this trip.

First, my Canon point-and-shoot camera that I brought on the trip never even worked. I hadn’t used it in a while, and failed to test it before bringing it. So, of course once I first tried it when we got to Brazil, it was a goner. Wouldn’t […]

Obrigado Brasília

‘Thank you Brazil’ in Portuguese. What a country. It’s famous for some of the things I enjoyed most about it’s sandy shores but it has so much more to offer. To the untrained eye its Christ the Redeemer and warm equatorial beaches… not a bad start. Brazil was amazing in my mind for so much […]

Amazon Rundown

I´ll allow Z to give you the full play-by-play of the Amazon tour. He is much better at remembering the names of the animals anyway. In the meantime, I´ll brief you on the highlights of the trip, the first being our sloth tracking adventure which resulted in this:

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Welcome to the Jungle

We landed Tuesday in a city called Manaus. It’s a fairly large city (almost 2 million people) that grew so big in such a remote region of the world because of their rubber export boom in the late 19th century. Remote is an understatement. There is unimpeded tropical rainforest for over 1,000 miles in every […]