Playing Charades

Well, we arrived safely and on time to Salvador, Brazil a few days ago and became immediately aware of the non-transferrability of our Spanish skills in this Portuguese-speaking country. More surprisingly, almost none of the Brazilians we’ve met speak any English at all, leading to an interesting night of exploring the city without proper directions to a tourist office to obtain a map. Needless to say, after getting ourselves lost in the other part of town a taxi ride was welcomed to take us back to our hostel.

Our first night and full day was spent in the historic district of town, Pelourinho, where beautiful historic architecture on every corner is met with equally poor upkeep and condition.

We decided on Friday to try out a new scene and stay the night near the Barra, a different area of town right by the city’s main beach. At this hostel, our Brazilian roommate-turned-friend Tiago took us under his Portuguese-speaking wings and showed us around town, which in itself was amusing given that he also speaks no English and our mutual communication comes from some shared Spanish skills, but mostly hand signals and noises that emulate a days-long game of charades.

Some site visits included:

-Mercado Modelo, the area’s best market with the best quality souvineers in town. A few Christmas presents were purchased here to send home.
-The Igreja e Convento de Sao Francisco, and 18th century church with an interior coated in gold.
-Forte San to Antonio da Barra, a 16th century fort on a lookout over the city with great sunset views and photo ops.
-Rio Vermehlo, an area of the city with great nightlife and a Brazilian version of the ped mall that fellow Hawkeyes would appreciate.

Internet has been unreliable, despite the fact that our hostel provides Wi-Fi, so pardon the interruption if it takes a few days to post again.

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  • Carol LaJeunesse

    Sounds like the adventure started right away! Guess we never really know how fun (challenging) charades really can be! Have fun with it! 🙂

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