Packing List

Interested in what it takes to pack for a trip like this?

Well the first and most important rule… bring only what you need. Baggage overage charges add up so bring no more than the lowest maximum baggage allowance among all of the flights you intend to take.

Here’s what we brought, after MANY days of careful planning and sorting. Or scroll to the bottom for a full packing list.

My large (checked) backpack:


Z’s large (checked) backpack (a shout out to L.G. for letting him borrow the pack):

Let me add… I KNOW it looks like I have way more stuff than Z. But I don’t. He just stacked his and I spread my out nicely for the photo 🙂

My carry-on backpack:


Z’s carry-on backpack:


Bag of medicine:


Tool/gear kit:


My toiletry case:

Final weigh-in:



E’s large backpack: 29.2 lbs

Z’s large backpack: 30.2 lbs

E’s carry on backpack: 11.0 lbs

Z’s carry on backpack: 11.0 lbs

No joke. How did we get our bags almost exactly the same weight, not to mention the even number for the small backpacks? It’s the miracle of a well-planned pack job.

Final Packing List:

E’s Clothes
4 short sleeved shirts
5 tank tops (2 spaghetti strap, 3 wife beater)
1 hooded sweatshirt
3 long sleeved shirts
1 pair jeans
2 pairs “travel pants”
1 long black skirt
1 pair running shorts
1 pair black leggings
2 dresses (one short, one medium, both convertible to various styles and reversible)
8 pairs underwear
4 bras – soft & sports bra style
3 pairs Smartwool socks
2 swimsuits
1 pair gloves
1 winter hat
Pashmina scarf
Merrell Gore-tex hiking shoes
Rainbows sandals
Toms shoes
Plastic Old Navy sandals (for shower)
North Face rain jacket
Lightweight vest

Z’s Clothes
5 tee shirts
2 long-sleeved thermals
Under Armor long underwear
Quicksilver swim suit
Reebok basketball shorts
Patagonia hiking pants
1 pair of denim jeans
Lightweight vest
Marmot rain shell
REI windproof ¼ zip
3 sleeveless shirts
7 pairs of boxers
4 pairs of Smartwool socks
Solomon waterproof trail shoes
Keen adventure sandal
Reef leather flip flop
Plastic shower sandals
2 bandanas
Thin gloves

Mini nail kit
Charmin To-Go toilet paper
Travel hairbrush
Hair ties
Small makeup kit
Extra contact lenses (Dailies) – not fun to have to pack all of these
Sunscreen Spray
Multi-purpose soap
Shower totes (2) & Bathroom totes (2)
Each filled with:
Mini shower loofah
Travel size shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc.
Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss
Contact lens stuff (in E’s)
Hand sanitizer
Waterproof insect repellant

Medicine, etc.
Pepto Bismol
Water purification tablets
Eye drops
Malaria Pills
Allergy pills and nasal sprays
More hand sanitizer
Birth control pills
Cold/flu medicine
Pain medication
Sleeping pills
Band Aid/First aid kit

Cell phones (2)
Acer Ionia A500 Tablet
Kindle w/reading light
GoPro Hero3 HD video camera
Sony A33 DSLR camera w/ zoom lens
Canon point and shoot
Ipod & travel speaker
Solar-powered charger
Earphones (2 sets)
Extra batteries
Outlet adapters (2 sets) and converter
Chargers and cords

Misc. Gear & Tools
Travel pillows (2)
Bed liner/sleep sack (2)
Sleep eye masks (2)
Brita water bottles (2)
Water bottle that flattens
Travel journals/notebooks (2)
Locks (3)
Flashlights (2)
Sunglasses (2)
Eye glasses
Sea to Summit 20L dry bags (2)
Extra strap
Mini sewing kit
Key ring w/ LED light
Eating utensils
Tide pen
Extra carabineers and rubber bands
Travel towels (2 bath size, 2 hand towel size)
Sanitizing wipes
Various sized day bags
Emergency poncho
Pepper spray (2)
SCUBA dive logs and PADI cards
Granola bars/snacks
Copies of passport and emergency credit cards
Passports, credit cards, paperwork, etc.
Playing cards