Obrigado Brasília

‘Thank you Brazil’ in Portuguese.  What a country.  It’s famous for some of the things I enjoyed most about it’s sandy shores but it has so much more to offer.  To the untrained eye its Christ the Redeemer and warm equatorial beaches… not a bad start. Brazil was amazing in my mind for so much more though.  From their passion for futbol (read soccer) to their hospitality and overall patience with us English and Spanish speakers, it was a culture I believe I could enjoy for many more weeks at the very least. As many may assume it was the wildlife that captivated me most.  Their ecological diversity is second to none, although New Zealand deserves a nod here.  They can claim the absolute greatest river in the world (arguably the longest and by far the largest in volume dispersed), the 2nd biggest waterfall worldwide (again in terms of water flow specifically), one of the biggest mountains falling from peak directly into the sea, as well as a rainforest that contains approximately one half of the world’s species of plants, animals and insects. I was absolutely mind-blown by some of our experiences and without being repetitive I wanted to list a few of my favorite “memories”:

• catching piranha on almost every “cast” with a stick, some line, and a hook out of a canoe ever willing to tip
• staring in awe into the mouth of ‘devil’s throat’ at the breath-taking Iguazu Falls
• body boarding at Ipanema beach in Rio watching the sun fall behind the thousands of feet of granite just off the break
• watching and listening to the countless creatures of the mighty Amazon, including the spectacular fresh water river dolphin

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