How We Saved the Money

One of the biggest reasons I never did a trip like this sooner was money. It’s expensive! So, where are we going to come up with the money for a trip like this next year?

The biggest way we saved the money was:

Aside from having two toothbrushes and our own sets of clothing, we pretty much live like one person on two incomes. We live in a 1 bedroom condo. We own 1 car. We have 1 computer. We have 1 TV (well we have a miniature 15-year-old TV in the bedroom but that kind of doesn’t count considering we don’t even bother to fix the broken remote). I drive Z to work in the morning and he takes the train home. When he needs the car for an extended time period, I rent a Zipcar for shorter work appointments. Living in a city, having one car isn’t tough. Living in a 1 bedroom condo is another question… but, hey, we make it work. My clients would probably be less-than-impressed with my home office, AKA a desk sitting next to my bedside table, but it gets the job done. So, we live off of one of our paychecks and bank the other. It works! And it adds up.

Now here are the little ways we saved the money:

– We don’t eat out much. This isn’t ideal since I’m not much of a cook… but…. I guess you could say I’m learning! However, lots of money has been saved from not frequenting the many restaurants in our city. We usually order takeout 2-3 Sundays a month, and go out to a real dinner at a real restaurant about once per month. I eat a homemade lunch every day and Z’s lunches are usually purchased for about the same price a homemade lunch would have cost. So really, we spend next to nothing on 95% of our meals. Lots of money saved!

– I take side jobs for extra moolah. Only the PG-rated jobs though 🙂 Yes, I’m just a few years away from turning 30 and I still babysit evenings/weekends like a 14 year old needing mall money. But I have no shame!! Plus, it’s fun to have a little kid to take care of every once in a while (since I have no nephews and nieces yet… brother and brother-in-law get on that!)

– My beauty regime is pretty simple. Rarely will you find me in for a mani/pedi, I don’t do things like get facials, etc., I’ve never dyed or highlighted my hair, and I don’t spend tons of money on beauty supplies. Oh and not to mention that my stick straight, thin hair is basically hopeless and I’ve learned over the years that spending money on volume-boosters and curl-hold-mousses really is futile.

So basically, every time something tempts me while shopping, I just think… that could be a week of housing in South America! And that’s all I need to contain my spending urges 🙂

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