How Much?

Well, for those who don’t know yet, WE ARE BACK IN THE STATES! It was bittersweet for sure, but at the end we actually were ready to be home. The timing really worked out just right. The physical travelling from point A to point B gets tiring, every few days having to learn a new city and figure out transport options to our next stop, so it is nice to be settled back home. However, there is still a huge world out there and this trip merely fed an addiction for travel that I’m sure we will never be able to kick.

For the Chicagoans I haven’t contacted yet – I will! We are actually still in the suburbs until our tenant moves out of our condo in August. Once I’m back in the city, you better believe we’ll be meeting up for lunch or drinks sometime soon.

Now, since I’ve been back, I’ve already been asked the same question several times (usually in a hushed whisper, with the head down, looking around to make sure no one else is listening) – how much did it cost us to do this? I’m happy to share as I believe it’s a helpful way of showing people that it CAN be done and HOW. If you feel it’s inappropriate to share this type of thing publicly with the world, that’s fine, you don’t need to read it. But for anyone interested, check our expenses page for more information.

Some people might think what we spent is an astronomical amount, others may think they never could have done a trip like this at that cost. It really comes down to travel type. I would say we were frugal/budget backpackers, but not cheap/shoestring backpackers. We did eat out now and then, occasionally we bought souvenirs or new clothes, but we did these things in a very limited and frugal fashion. We skipped a lot of things that we felt were too expensive, but once in a while we splurged on something we felt we HAD to see (Machu Picchu in Peru for example). A serious budget traveler could cut down on this budget a fair amount, and a luxury traveler could easily spend 2-3 times as much (or more).

Here’s what it comes down to. We came home to friends who have bought new condos, are building homes, having babies, have new cars, paying for grad school, etc. We could have done these things as well but we have sacrificed that lifestyle for the time being in order to make this trip possible. It’s really a matter of preference and if a trip like this is something you really want to do, it can be done. For more info on tips and suggestions on budgeting/saving for a trip like this, feel free to drop me a line.

You can also read a little bit about how we saved up for this trip here.

In the meantime, keep checking back on the blog since we’ll be updating with other fun information, videos, and pictures that we were unable to during the course of the trip.

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  • Camille and Brewster Johnson

    We are continually amazed and impressed by your journey and comments. It thrills us that you had such an amazing experience, the fortitude and courage to plan and pay for it, and the willingness to share all aspects. That being said, we are so grateful to have bith of you home healthy and well – the “running of the bulls” experience notwithstanding! So excited to see you Saturday

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