The Job Situation

I had a good question come to me recently from an old high school friend who’s been following our travels.

The question was: I’d love to hear more about leaving your jobs – are your (former?) employers letting you come back to your job? Or are you looking for something new?

(Thanks M.C. for the […]

Moving Day

I’ve been trying all day to figure out why we were able to travel for nearly 8 months with about 30 pounds of stuff strapped to our backs, yet we needed to rent a Uhaul to move all our stuff back into our condo. And we didn’t even move any furniture.



Things I am excited to eat/drink when I get home:

-Portillos- a real American hot dog. -Milk, the delicious American hormone-infused kind that comes already refrigerated in a plastic container and doesn’t taste like baby formula. -A proper salad! None of these countries know how to do salads like us Americans. -Jimmy John’s. -Bacon, bacon, […]

Hostel Life

After being in Southeast Asia for three months, we’re back to hostels now that we’re in Europe.

In South America, we stayed mostly in hostels because that was about the only way we could afford continuous travel. For example, in Rio, the cost per night was $60 for the two of us- two beds […]


Today marks exactly 6 months of travel AND our three year wedding anniversary!

Here’s to following our dreams and looking forward to the future.


Good News!

After our unfortunate incident and nearly 2-week separation, Z’s passport is ready for pickup!! Wohoo! He booked his flight and gets in Sunday morning. Can’t wait!

In other news, photos have been updated (sans any further captions).

Counting Down

Oh. My. GOSH!!!!