All Walks of Life

On a trip like the one we just returned from, you’re bound to meet loads of interesting people from all different backgrounds.

The first “Travel Friend” we made happened to be a Brazilian guy named Tiago who spoke only Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, we hung out the whole week and he showed us all […]

Sipidan Reel

We had a family get-together last weekend at which Z’s Uncle Jeff made the bold claim that the scuba diving in the Maldives is better than the diving in Malaysia (Sipidan Island, off the coast of Borneo). He hasn’t dove in Malaysia and we haven’t dove in the Maldives so obviously both sides of the […]

40 Meter Visibility

Diving. In. Sipidan. Was. Amazing.

If you are a diver, do whatever you need to do to get your wetsuit wearing, 21% oxygen-breathing ass here.

The catch is it is a protected marine park and only 120 diving permits are issued each day. So, BOOK AHEAD. Like months in advance.

I did not follow […]


Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malayasia, is a nice city. It’s the main transportation hub in and out of the archipelago of Malay, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brunei. It contains a beautiful independance monument, the national mosque, and until a few years ago the tallest building(s) in the world.


Three’s Company

Reunited with Jen and heading off tomorrow to do some serious SCUBA diving. Four days living on a deconverted oil rig and diving off Sipidan Island, Malaysia!

Malaysian People are Awesome

Seriously. Don’t get me wrong- we have met a ton of amazing people in every country we’ve visited. But, oh…my…gosh… I have never seen such an overall friendly, helpful, and honest group of people in my life.

First impression: on the packed train after we first arrived, heading toward our hotel, there was a group […]