A Kindle Thank You

We are cursed with electronics on this trip.

First, my Canon point-and-shoot camera that I brought on the trip never even worked. I hadn’t used it in a while, and failed to test it before bringing it. So, of course once I first tried it when we got to Brazil, it was a goner. Wouldn’t […]

Bali Unfiltered

Yep, that’s a volcano.

Terraced Rice Paddies.

Balinese dance.

Moneky Forest in Ubud.

Beautiful entryways everywhere!

View from our balcony in Ubud.


Logistical Nightmare

So last week we left our volunteering project in ‘rural’ West Java to explore Bali and some other surrounding islands. The most efficient (time/hassle) route ended up having us backtrack to Jakarta to fly out. The bus from Cianjur to central Jakarta was supposed to take “two to three hours”. We woke up earlier than […]

Living Like a Local in Java

We spent the past week living with a local guy, Kumis (his nickname, which means “mustache”) and his family – elderly parents Yoyoy and Oman, and his younger brother who was so shy we never officially met him.

By Indonesian standards, their house was pretty typical. By Western standards, very basic. Squat toilets (a […]

Popular Misfits

We’re in Indonesia now. Can’t say Jakarta was my favorite city (what do you get when you put over 10 million people into a city lacking the infrastructure of most other major cities in the world? nothing good). From Jakarta, we took a train about an hour out to Bogor and went to their botanical […]