All Walks of Life

On a trip like the one we just returned from, you’re bound to meet loads of interesting people from all different backgrounds.

The first “Travel Friend” we made happened to be a Brazilian guy named Tiago who spoke only Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, we hung out the whole week and he showed us all […]

World Heritage

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site list is well-known to any world traveler. This list is comprised of 981 sites throughout the world that the UNESCO World Heritage committee considers as having “outstanding universal value”. During our trip, here are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites we visited:

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Well, that was fun (continued).

We made it into Bolivia!!

This is just a quick rundown of how we accomplished that, more as information for other travellers, less for those who actually read this blog, since it’s really nothing that interesting.

We took the overnight bus from Salta to La Quiaca, which is the town on the Argentine side of […]

Well, that was fun.

Today was…. one of those days.

We’re heading to Bolivia tomorrow and apparently you can get an entry visa on the spot right at the border crossing. The downside to this? It costs the equivalent of USD$135 per person. So we were prepared for the expense of this hopefully uneventful border crossing but then started […]

Bus or Bust?

Experience number 1 – Have 7:30am bus tickets from Esquel to Bariloche. Arrive at bus station at 7am. Look around for our bus company’s bus, don’t see it, but no big deal, we’re super early. Sit around for 20 minutes and wonder if our bus is going to be late. There are only two other […]

Grapevine Canopy

A quick pic of this week’s accommodations in Mendoza.

Patagonian Finale

The Perito Moreno Glacier

We felt like we could stare at it for days on end. So beautiful and awe inspiring it was difficult not to take a theoretical second to ponder our miniscule existence. It’s scope is difficult to grasp. This giant blue mass flows from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field (which is […]

Day 3 and back to El Chalten

We decided (through suggestion) to wake up pre-dawn for a hike to Laguna de los Tres. Named for the three lakes you can see along the way it was supposed to be a leisurely hour to the base of another melt lake. We set the alarm for 4:30am, bundled up and hit the road shortly […]

Day 2 (con’t)

I think we slept in until after 10am in a hot tent after that first climb, the longest nights sleep so far I believe. Obviously much needed because our bodies didn’t respond with normal rations of shut-eye until at least 3 nights after we got back. After backtracking a bit we came up to the […]

The River Wild

The first hike was the toughest, by far. But it wasn’t until day 2 that I cried.

This occurred around the time that our trail map showed what appeared to be a simple river crossing. As it turned out, it wasn’t so simple. I’d call it more of a raging river, and there certainly was […]