Amazon Rundown

I´ll allow Z to give you the full play-by-play of the Amazon tour. He is much better at remembering the names of the animals anyway. In the meantime, I´ll brief you on the highlights of the trip, the first being our sloth tracking adventure which resulted in this:

The story of how this sloth encounter came to be is much better told over a few cold drinks, but I can give you a general overview of the affair which involved this:

followed by this:

and this:

The sloth kept us entertained for a good half hour and fulfilled our needs to get up-close-and-personal with the local wildlife. Although, I must say one of my favorite Amazon creatures ended up being the Amazonian children. Such adorable little bundles of tan skin and curly hair, at two or three years old they´re already tending the farms and de-scaling fish! This little guy was one of my favorites… he was a fun one to come across at the local “gas station”.

Now moving along to the less-cuddly animals…

One dark night on the boat, our native guide Osmar bravely sunk his arm into the brown, cloudy water and swiftly pulled out this little dude:

But that wasn´t the only water creature he caught. He also taught us the art of spear fishing and fishing for piranha using a handmade (stick) fishing pole.

Then, as if our basic rustic cabin in the jungle wasn´t enough, we decided it might be smart to rough it even a bit more and spend the night in the jungle on a hammock:

Rest assured… we had everything we need. Because local guide Antony can whittle anything out of wood with his machete.

This post isn´t quite long enough to fill in all of the blanks from our 5 day trip, so head over to our photos page for the scoop on our adventure this past week.

However, I have to leave space for an honorable mention of our tour group Amazon Green Tours. I truly was impressed by how professionally this operation was run and how well they took care of us. Yes, the accommodations were basic (but certainly no worse than some of the hostels we´ve come across), but the guides were amazing and knew the lay of the land. The delicious food provided by the lodge also kept me from losing a single pound despite days upon days of activity. After we got back to Manaus, I bartered with the company´s owner, Elso, for a ride to the airport at midnight in exchange for a little help on their WordPress website. In spending a few hours at their office I got to know Elso a bit better and learned first-hand what a tight ship he runs there. I offer high recommendations for their company if you´re ever in the market for a tour of the Amazon.

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