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We’re Z. and E. Romi, from Chicago, Illinois, United States. Married for 2.5 years and having always talked about travelling the world, in December 2012 we rented out our condo, sold our car, left our jobs, and flew to Brazil. We arrived in Brazil with no definite plan beyond the first few weeks. The anticipated route is vague and will stay that way; we had a starting point but are letting the travel gods take us from there. We think we can make our money stretch long enough to travel for 6 months, so if all goes to plan, we’ll be travelling until June 2013. If we can pick up some jobs along the way, even better.. we’ll stick it our longer if we can!

We have some travel experience, but nearly as much as some of the people we’ve met along the way. Here’s our travel background:

Z. spent a few weeks in Europe during high school with his soccer team. (I am going to leave out WHERE he went, as I can’t remember all of the stops and don’t want to get this wrong… we’ll have him update this part later…)

Then during college, each of us took a study abroad semester in Australia – Z. in Newcastle, E. in Townsville, and that’s where we caught the travel bug.

After this semester abroad, E. went back to college with the desire to travel even more. That’s when she decided to drop her second major (coincidentally, international studies) which allowed her to graduate a semester early with a degree in finance, leaving 5 months open before her job was to start. So, she flew to Costa Rica and lived with a local family for two months as she took Spanish classes and volunteered at an elementary school. After her program there ended, she travelled for another month down through Panama, Ecuador, and Peru. She fell in love with Latin America and knew she’d be back.

Long story short, once the travel bug bites you, the itch never goes away. So follow our blog as roam the world!

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