Sipidan Reel

We had a family get-together last weekend at which Z’s Uncle Jeff made the bold claim that the scuba diving in the Maldives is better than the diving in Malaysia (Sipidan Island, off the coast of Borneo). He hasn’t dove in Malaysia and we haven’t dove in the Maldives so obviously both sides of the […]


And this is what happens when you kick a sea urchin.


How Much?

Well, for those who don’t know yet, WE ARE BACK IN THE STATES! It was bittersweet for sure, but at the end we actually were ready to be home. The timing really worked out just right. The physical travelling from point A to point B gets tiring, every few days having to learn a new […]

Europe Unfiltered

I know, I know. I couldn’t contain myself.

Cinque Terre, Italy

A well deserved prosciutto and cheese lunch after an afternoon of hiking.

The four of us too scared to smart enough not to run with the bulls in Pamplona.

Beautiful skies in Madrid.

And lots of fun plazas.


San Fermin Festival

We were supposed to return from this amazing adventure sometime in early June. We had originally planned, and more importantly budgeted for (quite accurately by E, I might add) 6 months abroad. We saved for this time frame and had a soft idea of where and when we were going to travel. Although, anyone who […]


Things I am excited to eat/drink when I get home:

-Portillos- a real American hot dog. -Milk, the delicious American hormone-infused kind that comes already refrigerated in a plastic container and doesn’t taste like baby formula. -A proper salad! None of these countries know how to do salads like us Americans. -Jimmy John’s. -Bacon, bacon, […]

Italy Through the Lens

Rome – The Colloseum

Rome – The Roman Forum

Vatican City – Saint Peter’s Basilica (Crepuscular Rays)

Vatican City – St. Pete’s again (this one reminded me of Ghostbusters 2)

Rome – Trevi Fountain

Rivisondoli – Mountainside

Florence – Beautiful Wife


Hostel Life

After being in Southeast Asia for three months, we’re back to hostels now that we’re in Europe.

In South America, we stayed mostly in hostels because that was about the only way we could afford continuous travel. For example, in Rio, the cost per night was $60 for the two of us- two beds […]

The Romi’s Motherland

Visiting Z’s never-before-met relatives Emilia and Luigi in Rivisondoli, Italy was entertaining from the first minute. First was our seemingly endless search for a payphone in the small town of Rocarasso, where we stayed near Rivisondoli. Calling them was our only way of getting in touch with them; in their 80’s, email wasn’t something they […]