Adventures in Da Nang

We’re in Hue, Vietnam now and getting here was anything but easy. We had heard that the train ride north to Hue was a beautiful, coastline ride, so we decided to take the train rather than the busses we’ve grown accustomed to. But, we were in Hoi An, and to get to the train, we […]

“Buy Something!”

Within 30 seconds of getting off the bus when we arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam, we were bombarded with locals and taxi drivers in our faces with propositions like “You have hotel reservation yet!?” “I help you find hotel!” “Rent a motorbike!?” “Come see my family tailor shop!!” I felt like I couldn’t even take […]

Think My History Book Was Missing a Chapter

Following our Angkor temple experience, we travelled to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. It was a bustling city built along a portion of the mighty Mekong river. Pagodas and presidential wats lined the streets, nestled amongst countless food carts selling everything from the day’s catch to fried insects and arachnids. At a glance it […]

Funny Story

So we’re walking around downtown Siem Reap and decide to get a massage. After our 2nd full day of exploring the Angkor Wat temples, it’s not a hard sell. Considering the heat/humidity, the 8+ hours of climbing centuries-old ruins, as well as the amazing prices ($4 per hour); it was a no-brainer. So we enter […]

Battle of the Ruins

After our trip to the Angkor Temples, after having been in Peru last month, some people have asked us which was better – Angkor or Machu Picchu? It’s not an easy answer and definitely depends on the person, so I’ll put the two head-to-head in a faceoff of ancient ruins.

-The Sacred Valley of […]

A Brief Guide to the Angkor Temples

Siem Reap, a bustling, bright, touristey city not far from the Thai/Cambodian border was our stop after reuniting in Bangkok. We spent three days exploring the Angkor Temples, renting a tuk-tuk driver (Mr. Sarak) for each of the three days to take us around from one temple to the next. Our itinerary, for those who […]


Back together again! More info to come on our explorations of the Angkor temples in Cambodia, but to start, I’ll leave you with your daily dose of cheesiness:

Beach Bungalows and Fortune Tellers

So, Jen and I had a nice relaxing week together, spent mainly on the beach of Koh Phayam (island) doing mostly this:

We had a charming little bungalow on the beach.

Well, actually, we had two, but the first place was owned by a harsh Russian who wasnt the friendliest person […]

Good News!

After our unfortunate incident and nearly 2-week separation, Z’s passport is ready for pickup!! Wohoo! He booked his flight and gets in Sunday morning. Can’t wait!

In other news, photos have been updated (sans any further captions).

Death Road

So before I forget or move westward (not sure I’ll ever leave Lima at this rate) I wanted to write up a quick synopsis of our mountain biking adventure in La Paz. Bolivia’s North Yungas Road is a 40-mile stretch of highway that connects the capital city to a town, some 11,000 feet below, named […]