A New Chapter

Well, I have flown on to Thailand to meet up with my friend Jen while Z stays back in Lima until he has his new passport. We didnt want to split but knew that cancelling both flights and buying new flights for both of us would cost a fortune, so this was the best way […]

The Unfortunate Event

We really appreciate all the condolences, and thank you for the kind words. It sucks, but you can’t let it ruin your trip or sway your impression of an entire culture or race. There are bad eggs in every country, that much we all know. If anything else, let this be a lesson to everyone […]


What an understatement. We got a bag stolen from us yesterday. Inside said item (a nice Deuter backpack which probably drew attention in the first place): the DSLR camera, zoom lens, my passport and immigration papers, immunization records, credit/debit cards along with a few other odds and ends not worth mentioning but which I’ll still […]

Uyuni Salt Flats

After a night exploring the town of Uyuni during Carnivale which led us to many interesting findings, including Toy Story Woody-themed costume parties, it was an early wake up call the next morning to head out to the salt flats in time for sunrise. Our driver drove for about a half hour and then seemingly […]

763 m.p.h.

Although not the famed Bonneville salt flats in Utah where the land speed record is often attempted, E and I recently visited the world’s largest expanse of dried salt water in Bolivia. Salar de Uyuni was something for the books. Before we get into any details or share the absolutely mind-boggling pictures I’d like to […]

Well, that was fun (continued).

We made it into Bolivia!!

This is just a quick rundown of how we accomplished that, more as information for other travellers, less for those who actually read this blog, since it’s really nothing that interesting.

We took the overnight bus from Salta to La Quiaca, which is the town on the Argentine side of […]

Well, that was fun.

Today was…. one of those days.

We’re heading to Bolivia tomorrow and apparently you can get an entry visa on the spot right at the border crossing. The downside to this? It costs the equivalent of USD$135 per person. So we were prepared for the expense of this hopefully uneventful border crossing but then started […]

Mas arte de la calle

A few more of my favorite pieces, these in Chile