Re-Updated To-Do’s

Sell car (I’m trying…. anyone want to buy a 2007 VW Jetta?) Book first flight (Salvador, Brazil, here we come!) Get visa for Brazil Register trip with the Department of State Forward mail Uupdate homeowner’s insurance policy to reflect the condo being rented Get all prescriptions, etc. ahead of time Get travel vaccines Line […]


Acronyms. If you’re flying in South America you can’t avoid them. Just look: TAM, GOL, TRIP, TACA, LAN. All names of airlines that operate in South America. I can’t even keep track of them anymore. All I know is that I just booked two Brazilian airpasses on GOL airlines through BROL, the online travel agency […]

Scrubbing Day

Just bought this. Thought it might come in handy as an all-in-one soap for travelling. Mom’s idea. Supposedly you can use it to wash your body, hair, clothes, toothbrushing (not sure I’ll have the stomach for this use), for general cleaning, and many other things.

OK, now as I wrote that last sentence I decided […]

Bank Fees No More

Well, I solved the dilemma about international ATM fees.

I’m reading this book called How To Travel Full Time. I got it as a present from my brother, and it turns out that it’s a super quick and easy read, but a really good source for ideas/tips/resources related to travelling for a long period of […]